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DM 150E - DM 200E

Hoists with bracket and clamps

The hoist for professional use, small renewals and light duties

Techinical data
  DM 150E DM 200E
Safe working load kg 150 kg 200
Weight of the hoist kg 22 kg 23
Lifting speed m/min 21 m/min 21
Electric motor single-phase monofase
Power kW 0,65 kW 0,75
Current intensity A 4,5 A 6
Voltage V 230 V 230
Frequency Hz 50 Hz 50
Rotor shaft angular speed rpm 1400 rpm 1400
Reduction ratio 1:21,8 1:21,8
Ø non-rotating wire rope mm 4 mm 4
Breaking load kN 11 kN 11
Lenght of the rope m 18 m 18
Max lenght of the rope m 18 m 18
Lenght 415 415
Width 210 210
Height 310 310


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Accessories for this product

  • Stand
    Support accessories
  • Window pole Mod. C
    Support accessories
  • Outdoor pole mod. D
    Support accessories
  • Fixing system for scaffold
    Support accessories
  • Plastic bucket holder
    Lifting accessories
  • Trapezoidal tilting bucket
    Lifting accessories
  • Pair of containers for stand
    Lifting accessories
  • Two bucket holder
    Lifting accessories
  • Three bucket holder
    Lifting accessories
  • Four bucket holder
    Lifting accessories
  • Carrier with three hooks for scaffolding components
    Lifting accessories
  • Indoor pole Mod. A
    Support accessories
  • B2 Complete bracket with clamps
    Support accessories
  • B3 Extensible bracket with clamps
    Support accessories
  • Remote control Box
    Remote control box
  • B1 Complete bracket with clamps
    Support accessories